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Based on the famous Hadith of the five Pillars of Islam, this fun and attractive
colouring book teaches children the basics of the five Pillars of Islam.
This fun and attractive colouring book teaches children the basics of the six Pillars of
Islamic Faith.
This colouring book teaches children to say and recognize most commonly used Islamic phrases. The
activities help them explore their creative side with coloring and puzzles, while matching exercises
teach them to recognize the written Arabic phrases.
Based on a small selection of Ahadiths, this book teaches children the things of everyday life and
how to go about them. A prefect tool to introduce small and simple to follow sayings of the
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
A colourful and small handy book, a must for all children to help them memorise
and learn Dua's for everyday use.
A step by step guide for our precious gems to teach them how we eat according to the
sunnah and what we say and do when we eat.
A very simple, yet attractive book which also acts as a guidance to teach children how
to be safe outside and inside the home.
This beautifully illustrated book is designed to teach the children etiquettes and
manners from an Islamic, moral and social perspective.
A guide to teach children the basics of cleanliness and the manner in which the Prophet
(pbuh) taught us as Muslims to keep clean.
In a simple yet effective way, with step by step illustrations, this book teaches children the
steps of Wudu'. Insha'Allah, educators and parents will find this book to be an excellent
resource to make teaching Wudu' simple.
This is a concise guide for Muslim children, based on authentic Ahadith and Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh), to teach the children how to perform prayer. The way of performing prayer has been described in very simple English, with Arabic transliteration and pictures to give the perfect guide.
In this book we learn about what Jumuah is, why is it so special? What Muslims must and must
not do and how we can take great advantage of Allah's blessings on this great day.
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